Sometimes in moments of anger, the best thing to do is just get some distance from the situation - or person - that is causing the issue.

It's this method of dealing with life's little frustrations that led a little boy named Owen to pen a letter to his mother, politely telling her to stay the heck away from him.

The note, shared on Reddit by the cousin of the boy's mother, begins without so much of a greeting, rather, simply reads "Mommy."

From there, the boy gets straight to the point, writing to his mother: "Don't come read with me."


The letter was apparently pinned to the youngster's door, so that his mother would spot it before even trying to enter his room.

And while his spelling might not always be stellar, it certainly seems as if the boy has a handle on correct punctuation.

"I am mad at you," he explains. "And I will tuck my own self in."

Scrawled in what appears to be blue sharpie, the boy signs off the succinct note with "Senserly, Owen."

While it isn't clear just what Owen's mom did to deserve banishment from his room, it's obvious that she is going to have to do some work to win back his favour.

The picture of the note, written on a plain white sheet of A4, was posted on Reddit by someone claiming to be the mother's cousin.

"My cousin got her mommy privileges revoked for tonight," she wrote on the post.

In four days, the post has received more than 1,200 comments, many of which are from other parents with similar stories of getting on their tiny tots' bad side.

"I legitimately expect a note like this in my future. My preschooler punishes me when I've been a 'bad mummy' by putting himself to bed," explained one user. "Yesterday he was displeased with something so sat in the driveway and threatened to let strangers come and get him so I wouldn't get to have him anymore."

Another added: "I once saw a note from my daughter (She was about 5 at the time) that read 'Don't come in. I hate everyone. Especially Dad!' I asked her the next morning and she couldn't remember why she was mad. Especially with me."