Editor Michelle Hurley takes us through some of the highlights in tomorrow's Canvas magazine.

It's a sign of a good writer that they can make something funny, or moving out of the most mundane things. Staff writer Greg Bruce is one of those writers. In the nine months he's worked at Canvas, he has written a bunch of what are called first-person stories, most of which seem to orbit around some kind of physical impediment.

He's written about being hit in the eye by an umbrella at Cornwall Park Cafe, fainting on the train, and this week, on page 20, he writes about what it is like when you think you have face blindness, a condition where you can't recognise people you have met before.

Regular readers of Greg's pieces will note the appearance of his wife, Zanna, who somehow always manages to deliver the best punchline of the piece, this week no exception.

I'm not sure how many conditions or neuroses Greg has left, and I sincerely wish him no ill health, but for the sake of our enjoyment, I hope there are many more. And whatever you do, don't miss writer Ruth Spencer's take on toilets, on page 12.


Have a lovely weekend.

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