Colours and motifs courtesy of Mother Nature inspire an easy, low-maintenance approach to dressing between seasons

Despite spring deliveries making their way into stores for the past couple of weeks, there's still plenty of bite in the air: a prime opportunity to explore trans-seasonal knits and an earthy colour palette before the saturated brights arrive for summer. There's something versatile about earth-inspired colours, particularly on more organic fabrics such as linen, a great way to segue into the warmer months ahead. And with changeable weather patterns common in the seasonal transition, a shawl or lightweight blanket is a saving grace, like The Silk Gallery's beautiful wool shawl (facing page), available in rustic hues inspired by the land. Soft military looks are another key look for spring, with languid shirts in khaki, tan and chambray the perfect starting point to delve into complementary earth-inspired colours such as deep russet and vibrant ochre, popular during autumn but even more refreshing and unexpected for spring.

Katie Battersby jumper $250. Paula Ryan skirt $395. Meadowlark nine-carat gold hoop earrings $1065. Mi Piaci knee-high boots $340.

Gregory skivvy $272. Cecile Copenhagen wrap skirt, $195, from Muse. Mi Piaci heels $290.

Penny Sage dress $447. Coral and Lapiz necklace, $595, from The Silk Gallery.


Andrea Moore dress $559. Wool shawl, $395, from The Silk Gallery. Mi Piaci knee-high boots $340.

Karen Walker jumper $325. Liann Bellis pants $339.