Editor Michelle Hurley takes us through some of the highlights in tomorrow's Canvas magazine.

In our cover story this week, Kim Knight interviewed the three new co-owners of New Zealand Fashion Week. They've all been involved with it in various incarnations over the years, so they presumably know what they are doing, but in the current climate - when images of designer's collections are live-streamed from the catwalk, giving consumers the chance to see them months before they can buy them and the likes of fast fashion behemoths like Zara time to ahem, "interpret" them and sell them a fraction of the price before the real designer's collection will land - the obvious question is: why?

Also this week, three gorgeous women and their not bad-looking daughters talk about why fashion matters to them and to their relationship. And talking about mothers and daughters, Stella McCartney gives a revealing interview, in which she says that when she was young, she never felt rich enough, fashionable enough or good enough and how she wants to do her bit to make sure her daughters don't grow up feeling the same way.

And lastly, make sure you feast your eyes on fashion editor Dan Ahwa's sumptuous 10-page fashion-through-the-eras spread. Have a great weekend.

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