You may think storing the likes of avocados, tomatoes, and bread in the fridge will keep them fresher for longer, but according to experts, you may actually be doing the opposite.

According to the UK's Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI), storing certain foods in the fridge can not only shorten their lifespan, it can also ruin the taste of others.

GHI's guide reveals "Nine Things You Shouldn't Store In The Fridge" and notes their are foods that would taste far better, and last longer, stored at room temperature.

Here's the list:


1. Bread

Storing bread in the fridge will dry it out and make it go stale much faster than if it were kept in the likes of a bread bin. The guide recommends a bread bag stored in cool, dry place.

2. Onions

When kept in the fridge, an onion's aroma can taint other foods. The best bet is a dry, ventilated space. Keep them out of the light too to stop them sprouting.

3. Garlic

Like onions, garlic prefers a dry, well-aired space. Storing it in the fridge won't help it last longer.

Tomatoes, avocados and onions are all best kept out of the fridge. Photo / Getty
Tomatoes, avocados and onions are all best kept out of the fridge. Photo / Getty

4. Avocados

When it comes to avocados, it depends where they're at in the ripening process. If you need to speed things along, store them alongside bananas. Otherwise, a brown paper bag will help slow the process.

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5. Tomatoes

To get the best taste from tomatoes, keep them at room temperature. When cooled, they lose their natural flavour.

6. Honey

It never goes off, so why would you keep it in the fridge?

7. Melons

If the fruit is still whole, there's no need for it to take up all that room in the fridge. However, once it's cut, GHI recommends wrapping and refridgerating it.

8. Cake

This is where plastic containers come in. Unless you've got cake made with real cream, an airtight container is your best bet for keeping cake.

9. Coffee

You may have been told coffee should be kept cold, but the trouble with putting it in the fridge is it will absorb the aromas from other foods.