Somewhere in this rocky landscape there is a little girl. But trying to find her is driving people to distraction on social media site Imgur.

The photo is of a dramatic, boulder-strewn terrain, and viewers are asked to find the young tourist standing amid the rocks, waving at the camera.

But the shadows and crevices of the stone formations make it tricky to spot her.

Posted to Imgur with the teasing caption: "Can you find her? Look closely", viewers became infuriated. Some begged for the girl to be identified by a red circle while another called the puzzle "brutal".


If you're yet to spot her, we'll give you some clues:

1. She's in the lower half of the image
2. She's positioned at the end of a long, jutting rock
3. She's wearing purple and waving at the camera

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Have you found her? Here she is: