Have you ever mistakenly doused your hair with something thinking it was shampoo? Sure. But we're guessing it wasn't as disasterous as this teen's run in with a bottle of hair removal cream.

Kayla Connors, from Massachusetts, posted photos to Twitter of her sister supposedly left bald after confusing Nair hair remover lotion with shampoo.

The top of her head appears completely bald while the sides of her hair seem to have stayed intact.

The tweet read: "My sister thought Nair was shampoo" and included an image of Connor's sister behind a bottle of the lotion she apparently used on her hair.


The photos have been retweeted over 62,000 times and liked 65,000 times.

But several commenters call out the images, claiming the photos are a hoax.

One viewer wrote: "Such a horrendous Photoshop, look at the hairline."

Another suggested an app had been used to give her a bald cap, noting "The top left of her scalp looks glitched out".

People who claimed to be familiar with using hair removal cream claimed the product wasn't efficient enough to create such a smooth finish. Plus, the strong smell would have surely alerted her to her mistake straight away, they said.

"Yeah sorry, it really doesn't work THAT fast, and smells so gross you would have to be REALLY dumb to not freak out and get it out instantly," one viewer said.

But some confessed to making the same error, with one person tweeting: "Did the same thing when I was a kid. Luckily my mum smelled the chemicals afterwards and vigorously scrubbed my head to get it out."

Connors has continued the gag by asking followers which coloured wig her sister should get, or whether she should shave the rest of her hair off.