It probably sounded like a great idea at the time: As a special promotion to launch McDonald's "Create Your Taste" campaign, let's give customers the ability to create their own burger and reward them with free fries and a drink.

But what people did with the "Make Burger History" site, launched this week, was create some of the most offensive burger ideas you could possibly imagine.

Amid tame creations such as "Bag of Lettuce" - which consisted of a pile of lettuce leaves - racist, homophobic and offensive burgers including "Toddler Body Bag" and "Rektal Prolapse" were designed and profiled on the site, some even appearing on the website's front page.

The page was shut down overnight and now redirects to the McDonald's homepage.


A McDonald's spokesperson explained that the "Make Burger History" campaign, which was launched back on February 23 was intended to be a 10 week promotion but people continued to take part beyond that timeframe.

"It's been great to see people continue to interact with the site beyond the end of the campaign. The overall ingenuity throughout the campaign has been impressive, it's just unfortunate some creations have been inappropriate right at the tail end."

McDonald's "customise-your-own" blunder echoes that of Nutella, which last year offered customers the chance to create their own label. They received suggestions including "poop" and "diabetes".