Escaping the frenzy of Pokemon Go seems impossible at the moment. And for one bride, even her wedding day was haunted by the augmented reality game.

Arriving at her wedding venue, British woman Elizabeth Corps discovered it was the site of a Pokemon Go gym - a place where gamers go to battle their Pokemon.

From appearing on top of the wedding cake to standing beside the bride's wedding car, the venue was teeming with Pokemon.

What ensued was dozens of wedding guests playing on their phones during the wedding ceremony and reception.


Elizabeth also had trouble keeping her new husband away from his phone, who excitedly joined in the search with their guests.

Surprisingly, she was far from angry about the distraction, telling The Mirror: "A lot of Pokemon talk happened at the wedding and I was worried it would steal our thunder but actually it was pretty fun getting photo bombed by the odd Pokemon."

Of her husband's love of the game, she said: "I don't know if he's caught them all yet but he's definitely caught me."