Being stood up is never fun, but one brave 21-year-old decided to make the best of a bad situation - by treating herself to the date she'd been dreaming of.

Scottish Mimi Black, 21, was meant to meet a man in Glasgow - but he ''couldn't even show up or call''.

Instead of getting the next train home in defeat, the defiant blonde decided to have the date anyway - on her own.

Mimi posted a series of her Snapchats documenting the solo date on her Twitter feed.
'Ya girl went all the way to Glasgow for a boy who couldn't even show up or call,' she wrote. 'Oh bae treated me #datenight'.


The pictures Mimi shared show her eating a McDonald's wrap, drinking a sundae, perusing a sale at Ann Summers, enjoying a Sex on the Beach cocktail and finally smiling from bed.

The final picture is captioned: "People will f*** you over. It's up to you what you do about it. Night lads."

Mimi's photos have received an outpouring of support on social media - and nearly 5500 retweets.

"You have yourself. And that's amazing,' wrote Chris Gray, to which Mimi replied: ''Exactly! It took courage for me to even go so instead of getting upset I wanted to joke about it and enjoy myself!''

She added: "At the end of the day, I'll always have myself! And I don't mind having a drink in a bar myself!"

Mimi clearly won a number of fans by posting her honest story on social media.

"Love this! And you're so pretty oh my god,' wrote a Twitter user named Emma Watson - although not the famous actress.

"I would so go for cocktails with you, glad you still had a good time,' added another tweeter.

And Faz wrote: "Wow, he don't deserve you. You're very pretty."