Being a good cat owner means getting to know them well enough to pick up on signs that something might be wrong. When in doubt, always pay a visit to the vet, but here are some particular indicators that your cat may need special medical attention:

1. Sudden, unexplained weight loss
Unlike humans, dieting isn't really a thing for cats. If you've noticed your feline friend has shed weight rapidly over a short period of time, take them to the vet as soon as possible: it could be a sign of cancer, liver or kidney issues, diabetes, heart disease or a number of other things.

2. Seizures
It's not just neurological issues that can cause seizures in cats - in many cases, it's can be a sign of poisoning too. In any case, seizures are serious business and should never be ignored.

3. Coughing
While for humans a cough here or there is usually harmless, in cats it can usually indicate something more serious, like asthma, lung disease, pneumonia or other more grave illnesses.


If your cat is coughing, take them straight to the vet.

4. Red eyes
With some cats, red eyes are harder to notice than others; in others it's painfully obvious. Red eyes can indicate conjunctivitis, keratitis or glaucoma, and treatment should never be delayed.

5. Frequent vomiting
It's normal for your cat to cough up a hairball every now and then, but if they're vomiting more than usual (more than once a month could be in the danger zone), they could be experiencing bowel, kidney or stomach issues. Monitor their behaviour and know when it's time to take them to the vet.