How do you place your coffee order? With a straight description of your order? With a "please" somewhere in there? Or with polite banter wrapped around your request?

If you went with the first option, reading about this coffee shop may encourage you to rethink your ordering style.

Posted to Imgur, a sign outside a coffee shop reads: "Small coffee": $5. "Small coffee, please" : $3. And "Hello, one small coffee please": $1.75.

The image has received almost 2 million views and over 100 comments.


While some applauded the idea, others noted how sad it was that people should have to be reminded to say please.

"It's pretty sad that we have to offer monetary incentives to get people to use common courtesy and manners," one person commented.

Others suggested an overly polite request should get them a free coffee.

"Hello, may I have one small coffee pretty please, with a cherry on top? FREE COFFEE," wrote one. Another said: "Do you get it for free if you chat long enough to hold up everyone in line?"

And one commenter who was not supportive of the idea said if a coffee shop was expecting civility before they'd has their coffee fix they'd just go elsewhere.