They may take a stressful few months of planning but weddings are meant to be joyous affairs; they don't call it the happiest day of your life for nothing.

However, the combination of booze, highly strung couples and jealous exes can wreak havoc with the big day.

And now, as wedding season gets into full swing in the UK, a number of Reddit users have shared their very worst stories of big days gone wrong - and some of their terrifying tales will put you off tying the knot.

Despite weeks spent arguing over the table plan, sometimes there is no preventing things going horribly wrong.


One man shared a tale about his pal getting punched in the face by the groom, explaining: "Friend is a photographer. Does weddings. Got punched in the face by the groom because the groom decided that the photographer was 'taking too many photos of the bride'."

"Weddings seem to bring out the worst in humanity."

Another user shared every bride's worst nightmare - their groom's ex-girlfriend showing up.

The user explained: "My friend was about to get married and when the priest said, 'Speak now or forever hold your peace,' some girl, [who] I think was one of the groom's old girlfriends, emerged from out of the curtains. I should mention she wasn't even invited, and I can see why now. She started singing a f***** song about how he shouldn't say yes and instead run away with her.

"Well, he agreed. And in song as well! They had no shame; they planned out their escape, too. They just sang in front of the entire party that they would meet each other at the back door and run away together.

"The poor bride just sat there crying. I felt absolutely terrible for her."

In a similar turn of events, one user explained how the groom's ex-fiancee showed up at the wedding and turned it into a food fight.

"I have extensive experience as an events co-ordinator, including private events such as weddings," they wrote.

"The worst I've personally witnessed had a groom's baby mama (and ex-fiancée) come to the reception uninvited. She grabbed the wedding cake, chucked it at the newlyweds, and began screaming how he was a deadbeat dad while she grabbed table-wine bottles that she smashed on the ground."

One writer commented on how her father and his friends hadn't managed to give the groom a stag do before his wedding, so decided to bring elements of the last night of freedom to the nuptials.

They offered to give him $100 for every second he stayed silent after being asked if he would take his fiancee to be his wife.

Lufsen said: "The groom made it 47 seconds and only aborted because the situation got seriously hostile."

A church ceremony is usually the tame part of the wedding celebrations, but not in this case.

At one wedding, the bride's brother passed out during the ceremony and hit the ground at such speed that he started to bleed heavily, at which point, her other brother also passed out as he couldn't cope with the sight of blood.

ModulationDexterity said: "They kept going with the ceremony."

It is tempting to involve all members of the family in a wedding, even the pets.
One bride and groom learnt the hard way when enlisting their dog as a ring bearer.

Jackwithnoname said: "The ring bearer took a s*** on the way down the aisle."

It seems that these sort of tales aren't just limited to animals.

Another user shared a somewhat disgusting tale, explaining: "I was at a friend's wedding reception and we're having a good time dancing. A different friend's kid (maybe 5 or 6 years old) was hiding under a table while his parents were getting drunk and ignoring him.

"The kid then starts running and laughing through the dance floor, and I see him wipe something that looks like chocolate on the bride's dress. She's mortified, and everybody stops dancing. It was s*** He had s*** into his hand and wiped it on people.

"Years later, my wedding was child-free."