Everybody likes to rug up in winter - for some of us, the colder months make it much harder to leave the house and stay active. This is true for pets too - but that doesn't mean you should let them hibernate. Here are our tips for keeping your pet happy this winter.

1. Know when you should be keeping them inside
Even if your pet loves being outdoors, depending on their breed and general resilience it can often be a good idea to keep them indoors during the coldest parts of winter.

2. Know when to rug up
If your pet does need to spend time outdoors, and if their coat isn't enough to keep them warm, there's no shame in investing in some pet threads to help out. If you do dress your pet, make sure the clothes are comfortable, made of quality fabrics, and allow free movement so your cat or dog isn't too restricted.

3. Know the value of a good outdoor shelter
Likewise, if your pet needs to be kept outside, make sure they have everything they need to be comfortable outdoors during the colder months. Do they have adequate shelter? Blankets? Are their designated areas free of draughts?


4. Know how to keep them moving
It's important for pets (particularly dogs) to remain active in winter, just as they would at any other time of year. Even if it's harder for you to get out of bed in the morning, your pet shouldn't be punished for it - be sure to stick to regular exercise routines, even if it's just popping out for a quick game of catch.

5. Know when your pet is cold
You'd think this would be obvious, but it does need to be said: if you notice your pet whining, shivering or seeming anxious, or if their behaviour changes (i.e. for dogs - they might not want to play as much, or are always looking for places to burrow), it might be time to bring them inside and show them some love. Give them a cuddle!