She claims she gets chatted up by teenagers, and perhaps the attention makes the 52-year-old mother-of-two feel like all the money she has spent to look younger is worth it.

Bee Cameron has forked out over $150, 000 in a bid to turn back time on her appearance, undergoing liposuction, three boob jobs, an eye lift, surgery to give her a thigh gap and to improve the look of her hands.

She's racked up over $10,000 in debt and suffered through botched surgeries in her bid to attain eternal youth.

Cameron says the surgery boosts her confidence and that she often gets "chatted up by men as young as 18" which she finds flattering.


She says people never believe her when she reveals her real age.

Cameron's first boob job resulted in a ruptured implant. That didn't stop her going for another round. Photo / Supplied
Cameron's first boob job resulted in a ruptured implant. That didn't stop her going for another round. Photo / Supplied

She told The Sun: "Now, I don't date anyone over 35, and have a great sex life as a result and I look forward to my procedures like someone looks forward to a date.

"I consider my body an ever changing work of art. I am not hurting anyone and I find the fact I can change and control my appearance empowering.

"I know some people may criticise but it's my life and my body."

Cameron is currently undergoing a procedure dubbed the "Madonna hand job" in a bid to make her hands look less wrinkled.

Becoming a plastic fanatic

Cameron in her 40s, before she got into plastic surgery. Photo / Supplied
Cameron in her 40s, before she got into plastic surgery. Photo / Supplied

The idea to begin changing her body was sparked after she breastfed her children.

She describes herself as dull and boring in her 20s, 30s and 40s. It was in her 40s that she decided she wanted a new body and a new look.

"I wanted to be 30 again - 50 is the new 30," she says and admits she is prepared to go for the latest and most radical surgeries just to see the results.

She says she was also partly inspired by "the sexiness of Jessica Rabbit".

Her first procedure was Botox injections and filler to remove eye bags. She was so impressed she immediately decided to go for more.

A boob job became her next target. She wanted to replicate the size of her breasts when she was breastfeeding.

But she had to have them removed after one ruptured. She has since returned for new implants, going for an HH cup. "I wanted them big and plastic and out there," she explained.

Her next area of concern was her thighs. She wanted a gap between them and decided surgery was the answer.

"I had the procedure were fat is sucked out of the inner thighs and skin is pulled and meant to create even and thinner thighs and a gap like high-end catwalk models have," she told The Sun.

But her surgeon botched the procedure and Cameron was left with lumpy legs and pulled skin. She is currently saving up the $10,300 that it will cost to remedy the original work.

She continues to have Botox and fillers, and has had her eyebrows tattooed and teeth capped. She has also splashed out almost $18,000 on a mini silhouette face lift to tighten the appearance of her jaw line.

What's next?

Cameron wants butt implants, another face lift, laser surgery around her eyes and Botox in her feet to stop the pain of wearing high heels.

She's also lined up for less invasive treatments such as IPL laser treatment, a vampire face lift, has regular face peels and facials and keeps up her expenses with regular hair extensions and spa weekends.

Any regrets?

She's almost unrecognisable and has spent thousands, but her only regret is her thigh gap surgery.

She admits some of her family have expressed concern about how much she goes under anaesthetic but she won't be letting that stop her.

As she gets older, she vows to continue to go under the knife. "It used to be you had children and just got old.

"Now we can turn back the clock and for me the plastic look is what I like.

"It may not rock other people's worlds but it does mine so before you moan remember it's my life."