Kylie Jenner's sell out line of lip kits has been given an "F" grade by America's Better Business Bureau after receiving ongoing customer complaints.

The Kardashian's littlest sister launched Kylie Cosmetics last year and her Kylie Lip Kit products are constantly selling out online.

But their popularity has been marred by disappointed customers who have complained about the quality of customer service, according to TMZ.

The company has had issues with security breaches, deliveries and packaging being ransacked or stolen. A number of customers have reportedly never heard back from customer services following the complaints.


In the nine months that the range has been available, a total of 137 customer greivances have been filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The number has seen Jenner handed a "failed" rating by consumer watchdog chiefs.

Reports claim BBB officials contacted Jenner's company bosses last month about the issues, but they have yet to resolve them and further 10 complaints about delivery and service issues have been made in the past week.

Jenner is yet to comment on the matter.