The social media manager for this supermarket chain just learned a valuable lesson - never lay down a challenge to someone with this much spare time on their hands.

Meet Aaron. He's a regular customer at the Tesco supermarket in Manchester, UK.

Aaron, a self-described "carrot aficionado" wasn't so pleased with a bag of carrots that he purchased at the supermarket earlier this week, so he got on social media to express his disappointment.

Tesco responded (which is good, well done Tesco), but they made the mistake of asking Aaron to elaborate on the issue.


Supermarket outsmarts scheming avocado shopper

It's fair to say that Aaron accepted the challenge, providing a representative cross sample of the carrot batons in the bag, with some helpful comments:

Tesco was suitably apologetic.

Will Aaron's next bag of carrots be better? Will there be less "Siamese carrots" and more "decent" examples from the genre?

You'll just have to watch his Twitter feed to find out.