Well, this may be about as close as we can ever get to an Invisibility Cloak.

28-year-old Saif Siddiqui, from New Delhi, has created a scarf made from a special fabric - consisting of thousands of nano-spherical crystals - that reflects light.

This means if someone tries to take a photo of you using flash, they won't be able to. You'll basically go invisible.

Presenting... the paparazzi-proof ISHU Scarf!


In the photos above, you can see the difference when a photo is taken without and with flash.

Siddiqui told Buzzfeed the scarf's purpose was to give people their privacy.

"The main intention is to make people aware of how important privacy actually is," he said. "Everyone has a 'brand' online, and with the ISHU Scarf, people are back in control of their privacy."

Everybody from Paris Hilton to Cameron Diaz, Nick Jonas to DMX has been seen wearing the scarf. What a brilliant idea!