An Australian survey has found that tights available for AU$3.30 from Kmart last longer without laddering than similar ones sold by a luxury lingerie retailer for $75.

Choice, a consumer advocate, tested 10 brands of 70 denier black opaque tights for durability, with some of the cheaper brands coming out on top.

"One of the least expensive products we tested, Clio Super Soft 3-pack available from supermarkets, only cost AU$10, or AU$3.30 per pair, and were more durable than a $75 pair of Wolford's," CHOICE spokesperson Kate Browne said in a statement.

"When it comes to laddering, the price of tights does not determine performance."


To conduct the testing, a sample of each of the tights was stretched, pricked and loaded with weight at Melbourne's RMIT textile lab to ascertain how soon they began laddering and how large each hole became.

To determine the rankings, two pairs of stockings from each brand were tested 10 times each and the results averaged. They were then listed in order of the load at which they began laddering and the resulting hole/ladder size.

Clio Super Soft opaque tights ranked the best, while Wolford's 66 denier Velvet Deluxe tights (NZ$78) came in at the bottom, and was the only product with a 65 denier.

Ms Browne says the more affordable options performed well and showed price is no reflection of quality.

"With Australians spending almost $600 million in hosiery in 2015, it pays to know where you stand when it comes to durability," Ms Browne said in a statement.

Bonds Comfy Tops (NZ$7.55), Razzamatazz Perfectly Matte (NZ$7.55), and Voodoo Lavish (NZ$21), were also top performers.

"While there are other things to consider when buying tights, when it comes to laddering, you don't need to feel like you're compromising by purchasing inexpensive tights," says Ms Browne.