There's nothing more inconvenient than when you're at Kentucky Fried Chicken, about to dig into a pile of greasy, crispy chicken tenders while you text your crush to make date plans, and your phone runs out of power - leaving you completely alone with nothing more than your meal.

Luckily, KFC in India is so attuned to their customers' needs that they have crafted a special solution for this very problem: a meal box that comes with a pre-charged USB plug.

The Watt-A-Box lets you charge your phone while you eat. Photo / YouTube / KFCIndia
The Watt-A-Box lets you charge your phone while you eat. Photo / YouTube / KFCIndia

Yes, you read that correctly. If you are planning to go to a local KFC there and order a box of chicken, you potentially don't need to charge your phone ahead of time because you just might be handed a chicken box that will come with everything you need to stay connected during your meal.

The "Watt-A-Box" program, which the U.S.-based chain's India branch launched in Delhi and Mumbai, is advertising its benefits with a ridiculous commercial that addresses the date planning interrupted by a dead phone situation described above.


While the limited edition boxes aren't part of the regular menu, some were given away as part of an online competition, and some KFC fans received them as a bonus surprise from selected stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

According to Mashable, the restaurant chain is also trying out edible serving bowls in its Indian stores.

The edible edible bowls, made from a tortilla, will replace the plastic containers served with 'Rice Bowlz', a product only available on menus in India.