A print shirt is the starting point for versatile dressing this season.

A printed shirt, whether classic stripes or a retro print, adds a point of interest to any outfit, working well dressed-up or suitably teamed with a blazer for the workplace. Local designers, including World and Yvonne Bennetti have looked to op art and graphic prints, which will appeal to those who want to stand out in the crowd.

Whimsical winter florals also get a look-in, and when it comes to pinstripe shirts, you can't beat the languid option by Rolla's or the crisp offering by young talent Liz Wilson, of Eugenie.

Take it easy with these helpful shirt maintenance tips:

• Buy a gentle laundry detergent or one that's organic.


• Avoid heat when washing, go for the delicate setting and use cold water, not hot.

• Pre-treat the collars and cuffs with a gentle stain remover before throwing in the wash. These parts of a shirt get the most wear and discolouration so need extra attention.

• Put shirts in a delicate cycle to dry then take them out when semi-dry and hang on a hanger to air-dry. Plastic hangers are preferable to wood hangers in this situation.

• Iron your shirt as soon as it's dry. A neatly pressed shirt is the ultimate finishing touch for maintenance and longevity.

Winter Floral

Photo / Guy Coombes
Photo / Guy Coombes

Rolla's floral shirt, $120, from Service.

Op Art

Photo / Guy Coombes
Photo / Guy Coombes

World shirt $329.

Business Time

Photo / Guy Coombes
Photo / Guy Coombes

Eugenie shirt $389.
Ruby velvet choker $29.

Retro Revival

Photo / Guy Coombes
Photo / Guy Coombes

Yvonne Bennetti shirt $395.
Gregory pants $299.


Pale and Interesting

Photo / Guy Coombes
Photo / Guy Coombes

Rolla's shirt, $120, from Service.


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• Yvonne Bennetti (09) 361 2388
• World (09) 373 3034