The reigning Miss Great Britain, Zara Holland, has lost her crown after having sex on British reality television show.

In an episode of Love Island, the beauty queen was filmed getting hot and heavy with 24-year-old tradie Alex Bowen.

While the full display was edited out, the episode was viewed by a million reality TV fans across the UK.

According to The Guardian, the scene featured "the two in bed together and what one insider described as a 'look of delight' on Bowen's face."


The show, follows a group of single men and women vying to keep their place in a Spanish villa, and viewers can choose who they want to vote out each week.

Following the steamy episode, the beauty pageant organisers said on Facebook that they had no problem with sex, but weren't impressed with it being broadcast on television.

"The feedback we have received from pageant insiders and members of the general public is such that we cannot promote Zara as a positive role model moving forward, pageant officials wrote.

"We wholly understand that everyone makes mistakes, but Zara, as an ambassador for Miss Great Britain, simply did not uphold the responsibility expected of the title."

Shortly after, a petition was launched on, calling for Zara to get her crown and title back.

So far, more than 12,000 people have pledged support for the beauty queen, who has since left Love Island.