Ever been on a date with a guy who won't stop talking about his ex? Or maybe you've been together for a while and he keeps coming up with an excuse for not meeting your family?

Relationship experts Olga Levancuka and Suzanne Parkus told the Daily Mail about the warning signs that may mean you are headed for heartbreak.

He won't make plans

Or, he does make plans but cancels them at the last minute. This could mean that when it comes to priorities, he puts you near the bottom of the list, to be fitted in only when it suits his schedule. Signs of emotional unavailability could mean he isn't emotionally interested in you.

He's hot and cold

He's all over you one minute but can't return a phone call or txt the next. Women will often find excuses on his behalf, like he must be busy. Which he probably is. Just not with you.


He's always complaining

If he's always venting about something when he's with you, it could be that he doesn't see you as relationship material, and is using you as an emotional crutch. In other words, you may have been "friend-zoned".

He says he's not looking for a relationship

This is a key sign that he is emotionally detached. However, many women see this as a challenge and believe that if they can make him fall for them, then they must be particularly special.

He hides his phone

This is 101. If, when you're together, his phone is going off but he doesn't respond and seems on edge, this could be a warning sign. It may mean he's in another relationship, or he has other girlfriends on the go, maybe even as a back-up option if it doesn't work out with you.

A lack of interest is never a good sign in a relationship. Photo / Getty
A lack of interest is never a good sign in a relationship. Photo / Getty

He's all talk

He might be talking about doing things with you in the future, like going on a holiday or an expensive dinner, yet never takes the steps to make them happen. He's saying all the right things that he knows you want to hear, but deep down he will probably never provide them. This could mean he is merely keeping you as an option on the sideline.

He won't meet your family

If he finds excuses to not meet your family, it may be a sign that he's not that interested.

He's regularly in touch with his exes

If he's talking about or to his exes all the time, it could mean he's either not over someone, comparing you to them, or that he has unresolved issues in a previous relationship. Until these sorts of ties are emotionally or physically cut, your relationship with him could be in trouble.