How well do you know New Zealand? Pretty well, you might say. But what about when it comes to identifying its towns and cities from this series of maps?

Created by Andrew Douglas-Clifford, a student currently undertaking a Masters in Geographic Information Science in Christchurch, the following maps detail 15 different parts of New Zealand.

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Inspired by the popularity of adult colouring books, Douglas-Clifford created the works using open map data.


"I saw an example of someone who had taken maps of international cities and made them into colouring pages, and had people try to guess where they were," he told the Herald.

"Each one took about half an hour, although I spent a lot more time fine tuning the details of the larger cities and designing the overall feel."

He says he's had a good response so far and is considering producing an adult map colouring book of his own.

Douglas-Clifford's most recent claim to fame is as the creator of the popular range of NZ State Highway Tube Maps.