This is the moment cocker spaniel Bobby emerged after two weeks at the bottom of a well after his owners had given him up for dead.

The 2-year-old is thought to have survived by licking condensation off the well's brick walls and eating insects in mud at the bottom.

"You could feel his ribs as he had lost weight and his nose was red and sore and he had bloodshot eyes from mud getting into them," owner Sally-Anne Phillips said. "His paws were green from where he had been digging and he smelled."

The well had become overgrown and nobody knew it was there until Bobby fell in. After the dog's disappearance on May 12, the Phillips led search parties, put up posters and organised a social media campaign, to no avail.


Then on Thursday, farmer Ali Cargill, 45, and his wife Rachel, 55, heard yelping. They found the hole in the field and, shining a torch into it, saw the dog running around in circles at its bottom. The Cargills lowered a bucket of water and food before a search and rescue team arrived from Norfolk fire brigade.

Phillips said when Bobby emerged "his ears were down, but as soon as he saw us he was all excited and wagging his tail. We took him home for scrambled eggs and a bath."

A check-up by a vet showed that Bobby had no broken bones and had lost 1.3kg in weight.

Sarah Spinks, of the PDSA veterinary animal charity, said it his survival was "remarkable". We would say a healthy dog or cat could go four or five days without food."