A Kim Kardashian-inspired "selfie cone" ice cream is a new tongue-in-cheek creation by innovative Auckland ice cream specialists Giapo.

The Kim Kone features a chocolate frame attached to a home-made waffle cone and a scoop of glamour caramel, a rich caramel ice cream with a milk chocolate caramel swirl.

"Caramel is glamour because it's luscious, it's delicious, it's rich," said co-creator Giapo Grazioli.

The inspiration for the Kim Kone came from society's growing love of selfies. Kim Kardashian was Mr Grazioli's perfect muse, having literally written the book on how to take a great selfie.


As social media platforms like Instagram become more part of everyday people's lives, more and more of us are sharing pictures of ourselves online, Mr Grazioli said.

The cone was a good-natured parody of this obsession.

Each cone costs $20 from Giapo on Queen St. People wanting to snap a selfie through the cone's frame can post it to social media with the hashtag #kimkone.