A "Kiwi-style" Thai vegetable curry pie has won Australia's best pie.

The meat-free pie created by Kiwi Doug Meijer and his longtime friend Adrian Aspwoude is selling at Melbourne's Ka Pies.

It is the first time a meat-free pie won the Baking Association of Australia's competition.

Mr Meijer, a former Bunnings manager and Mr Aspwoude, a former IT expert launched the pie shop in September 2014, without having any experience in baking, let alone making gourmet pies.


Mr Aspwoude, now Ka Pies' marketing and sales manager, said he initially wasn't a fan of the idea.

We even get people in New Zealand asking for them too, it's crazy!


"Doug told me about the gourmet pies that are available from his home country. We made some sample pies from his kitchen and they tasted awesome. I was sold and away we went," he said.

Naturally, their idea was met with skepticism but the response was "amazing", even back in New Zealand.

"The response has been amazing and get requests from all over Australia for our pies. We even get people in New Zealand asking for them too, it's crazy!" Mr Aspwoude said.

Mr Meijer, who is the company's operations manager, said: "New Zealand is all about gourmet, from their wines to their cheeses, and of course their pies ... They're a handcrafted boutique pie and we're very proud of what we have produced over the last 20 months."

The pair planned on expanding their business within Australia in the next 12 months.