Food colouring may have gone out of fashion, but it seems McDonald's didn't get the memo.

The global food franchise has launched an "Angry Birds" burger range in its restaurants in China, to coincide with the opening of the movie of the same name.

The burgers, featuring either red or green food colouring in the buns, look weirdly inedible, and have been met with mixed opinions from Maccas fans.

According to Mashable, the colourful sandwiches include the "Naughty Green Pork Burger" with a pork patty, fried egg, lettuce, jalapenos, and "mystery sauce", and the "Super Red Burger" which features a double chicken sandwich with Louisiana-style hot sauce, a fried egg, and cheese.


The creations have already fallen foul of some food writers, with online magazine Pop Culture saying the "freakish looking sandwiches will ruin your appetite", and that the burgers "look about as disgusting as they sound".

The new burger range follows on from other changes to the food outlet's menu, including all day breakfasts, McNuggets without artificial additives, and trials of bigger and smaller versions of the Big Mac.

The burgers are the latest in a long list of freakish food that has been trialled overseas, which includes KFC's edible nail polish, a black burger launched by McDonald's Japan, and a 'pizza bomb' created at a South Korean restaurant.