It's every man's worst nightmare: sitting on the toilet and having a snake sink its fangs into your genitals.

But for a man in Thailand, it was a nightmare that became a bloody reality when he sat down on the toilet in his home and felt a sharp bite.

Reaching down into the bowl, Attharporn Boonmakchuay discovered the jaws of a snake clamped around the tip of his penis.

The 38-year-old, who lives in Chachoengsao, east Bangkok, screamed out for his wife as he tried desperately to break free from the 11 foot creature.


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He managed to tie rope around the snake's head and attach it to the bathroom door. Moments later he collapsed and was rushed to hospital, suffering massive blood loss from his ordeal.

According to the Mirror, he is in a stable condition in hospital.

Video footage shows emergency staff trying to ply the python from pipes under the toilet system and using hammers to smash it free.

Bangpakong News reported the reptile was eventually removed and placed in a bag before being released back into the wild.

Reports also claim this isn't the first time the snake had swam up Boonmakchuay's plumbing and into his bathroom.