A young mother has been praised after coming to the aid of an abandoned infant found in a storage box on a street in China.

According to People Daily Online, the 26-year-old woman, a new mother herself, took the crying baby into her arms, sat down on the curb and began to breastfeed her.

The infant, who was estimated to be only three or four days old at the time, was discovered on Shiji Avenue in Xianyang, a city in northwestern China's Shaaxi Province.

Wrapped in a blanket, the child had half a bag of formula and 100 yuan, the equivalent of $20, tucked into the box with her. Passersby also reportedly left money for the child.


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By the time police arrived at the scene the baby was quietly lying in the breastfeeding woman's arms.

Local welfare authorities have taken the child in and reportedly suspect she has cerebral palsy.