How many times have you trawled Instagram, scrolling through images of perfect bikini bodies and wondered why you don't look that good in your togs? The answer could be as simple as getting the right app.

YouTube star Amelia Goodhead has created a video that reveals just how much an app called FaceTune can alter a person's figure in less than two minutes.

In just one minute and 30 seconds, Goodhead demonstrates how she uses the app to significantly slim down her waist, narrow her legs and enlarge her breasts in a snap of her in a bikini.

The video, which has had over 54,000 views serves as an explainer to a pair of images posted by Goodhead six months earlier posing in a bikini.


Speaking in the clip she describes the photos shared on her Instagram account. In one she looks "a little bit heavier". In the other she appears "super slimmed and toned."

"A lot of people thought it was a weight loss post but it was actually a Photoshopped image that I had done on my phone in about three minutes," she tells her viewers.

"So I just wanted to show you just how easy it is to manipulate a photo on an app on your phone."

Speaking to the MailOnline Goodhead says the video was a response to the numerous emails and messages from women and girls saying they feel "overwhelmed" by the perfect images they see online.

"I know not everyone online Photoshops their photos but it does happen, so I hope that by showing people how easy it is to do it may help them to take a step back, realise that it might not be completely as it seems and not to let the pressure to be 'perfect' affect them."

While the British vlogger acknowledged social media is her bread and butter, she discussed the issues it presents around body confidence.

"I love social media, it's my passion and my job, but it even gets me down sometimes when I'm having a bad day or feeling a little insecure."

She admitted to heavily editing her photos in the past, and how being plagued by acne led her to Photoshop a lot of her images.

Goodhead has recently launched a body confidence campaign, encouraging her followers to share unedited photos of themselves with the hashtag #JustAsIAm.