Is this the laziest invention ever? Or, the greatest? A bed that makes itself when you get up in the morning has social media divided.

Called the Ohea Smart Bed, it's a bed equipped with a device that automatically straightens your blankets when you get out of it.

Taking about 50 seconds from crumpled to flat bedding, the device can be set to operate automatically or manually.

If you do select the auto-setting, the bed will make itself three seconds after you get out of it. Manual mode requires the touch of a button to start the process.


The downside? Apart from encouraging laziness, apparently, the bed requires you to purchase specific bedding that works with the device.

While the Smart Bed was originally conceived of in 2012, it has resurfaced on social media where people are airing their opinions on a demonstration video.

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One woman dubbed the invention for "seriously lazy people" while Micaela Rodrigues wrote: "It really only takes a minute to physically make your bed... Now you want to pay probably tons of money for a mechanical device that makes it for you?"

Others were excited by the prospect of such a device with some noting how helpful it could be to people with disabilities.