A 29-year-old prisoner was rushed to hospital after revealing to prison staff he had intentionally swallowed his mobile phone.

The inmate, who reportedly suffers psychiatric and social issues, had been vomiting for four hours before he was taken to A&E in Dublin, Ireland.

From a chest X-ray, doctors located the phone resting in the man's abdomen, just above his stomach.

Eight hours later, scans showed the phone had progressed into his stomach.


According to a report in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, doctors at The Adelaide and Meath Hospital decided to operate.

The initial plan was to insert an endoscope - a long, flexible tube with a light and video camera attached to the end - to locate the device and extract it via the oesophagus.

But the procedure failed and the surgeons resorted to a laparotomy - where a large incision is made in the abdomen. The operation was successful and the phone, measuring 6.8 x 2.3 x 1.1cm, was sent for forensic examination due to the patient's incarceration status.

Four months later the man was reassessed with doctors reporting he had recovered well.