For some no nail accessory idea is too crazy, from intricate nail art to spray on polish - people are getting more creative. Now fast food giant KFC has taken the idea one step further with their edible nail polish that supposedly tastes like chicken.

KFC Hong Kong this week released two nail polish colours, Hot & Spicy - an orange shade - and a nude shade called Original Recipe, adorned with their trademark red and white packaging and slogan "It's finger lickin' good".

The polish is "sourced from natural ingredients" which makes it completely edible.

Following a taste-test, the BBC reported that although there was a taste there, it tasted more like spices than chicken.


"The spicy flavour tasted almost exactly like the paste used in KFC's hot & spicy chicken. It definitely lingered on the tongue, but we couldn't detect any fried chicken flavour.

"It was same for original recipe polish: nice balance of spice accented by black pepper, but again, no chicken."

And as for the formula?

Reporters at the Wall Street Journal said it "glides on the nail but has trouble sticking and dries up quickly".

According to the bottle you must keep it refrigerated as it only lasts for five days.