Lemonade has unintentionally boosted sales for the sweet beverage.' />

Beyonce's new album Lemonade has unintentionally boosted sales for the sweet beverage.

Several drink companies have found lemonade sales to have increased since the dramatic release of Beyonce's visual album, according to The Huffington Post.

CEO Natalie Sexton of Natalie's Juices, a local family owned juice company in Florida, explained the company's sales of natural lemonade, lemonade tea and strawberry lemonade have doubled.

"People are drinking lemonade and posting pictures with #Beyonce," Sexton told The Huffington Post.


"You can't drink lemonade these days without thinking of her."

Following the album's release in late April came a sudden thirst for the beverage.

"I've been drinking lemonade like it's my job since Sunday. Thanks for the craving, Beyonce," one fan wrote.

"Ever since lemonade came out, i've had such a craving for actual lemonade ... wtf does this mean, @Beyonce ?????" Jill added.

Matt Mclean of Uncle Matt's juice hasn't spotted quite the same spike in lemonade sales but admitted a rise of 20 per cent.

"I dont know if that's due to Beyonce or the heat. Maybe its Beyonce," he told The Huffington Post.

"We'd send her some free lemonade - it's organic!"