A fuzzy old cat's indecision over how to best make the leap into its owner's linen cupboard has brought smiles to Aucklanders.

The video of the cat moving from one step to another on the stairs, while assessing where to make the jump from, has left not only its owners in stitches, but others on social media too.

"When you're 16 years old and don't have much leap left, the Holy Grail of the linen cupboard becomes more difficult...." the cat's owner said on Facebook, where he posted the footage to cat lovers group, Your Cats of Auckland.

In it, the ginger puss quickly moves up and down the same two or three steps, looking at the door to the linen cupboard over the stairs trying to get in - all the while its owners look on, laughing.


But the video has a happy ending, as the cat eventually decides the third step is the best one, and leaps for it. Successfully landing inside the cupboard, but brushing past the wall in the process, leaving his owner dissolved in laughter.