A £10,000 (NZ$21,000) duvet filled with eiderdown harvested by hand from duck nests in Iceland is to go on sale at John Lewis.

The bespoke bedding will feature on a "duvet menu" targeted at families wanting to make investment purchases that promise years of use.

John Lewis said it has noticed shoppers are increasingly rejecting today's throwaway culture. A spokesman explained: "In recent years, the average mattress spend has increased and sales of silk pillowcases have rocketed.

"The duvet menu will allow customers to purchase their own personalised duvet in any shape, size, or tog."


The £10,000 duvet will be from Lancashire-based Herbert Parkinson, which has been making bedding for John Lewis since 1935.

It will be emperor sized - 30 per cent larger than kingsize - and will also have a "toastie toes" feature with extra feathers at the base.