Approaching a member of the opposite sex can be daunting for even the most brazen of characters, never mind those who struggle with social awkwardness.

So spare a thought for these poor men of Reddit who have laid out their souls in a candid discussion about how they finally managed to bag themselves a significant other.

One anonymous man asked fellow users to share their tips in a post entitled "Shy men of reddit, how did you meet your girlfriend" and was inundated with more than 2,300 replies in less than 24 hours.

And it seems most respondents replied on the help of their friends - or "wingmen" - or a healthy dose of Dutch courage.


Ted Denslow confessed: "Every single relationship I've had has been the result of her approaching me or my friends intervening on my behalf. I'm 36 and to this day, I've never approached a woman.

"That s*** is just straight terrifying to me. It's a little bit pathetic, I know... but I'm pretty happy with what I've got now, so I hope I don't ever have to approach anyone!"

Another man wrote: "We were the only two straight people in the office." After being asked to elaborate, he added: "Yes everyone else in our office (not the entire company) was homosexual and mostly in relationships outside of work, not with each other.

"The running joke that my wife and I had to be together because of being the only straight people. Just worked out that we actually did. I only worked there a few months and she was a temp that started a bit after me, we just kept in touch and things worked out."

Another anonymous user wrote: "I liked her shirt, in a group conversation after thinking about how to tell her I liked her shirt, thinking down every possible way it was going to go bad: 'Hey, I like your shirt'. It worked."

One man recalled: "I was really shy around girls I liked in high school and one day I randomly added a girl on snapchat and 'accidentally' sent her a snapchat of a bag of chips saying 'remember these?' and then quickly sent another that said 'sorry wrong person'.

"That was my junior year and now Im in my 2nd semester of college and I'm still dating that girl. She brings it up all the time and gives me a lot of shit for it but I still got her so it's whatever. I do hate thinking back to this story because of how creepy and cringey it is."

Brotology wrote: "At work as a student teacher. I was the ancient student teacher (26 y/o at the time, when most of the other student teachers were 20-21) and she was the cute girl who worked the Y before and after care program.

"I would play basketball at the school's gym after school every Wednesday, and she took her YMCA kids into the gym to get gym time every Wednesday.

"At first, it was just me asking her if she minded me playing ball while she was in there with the little ones.Then it turned in to me playing knockout every Wednesday with the YMCA kids and her.Then it turned into me watching the YMCA kids play basketball while talking to her.

"And finally, it turned into HER asking me out for a beer after she got off work (I'm the shy one, remember?). We are now happily engaged and recently bought a house together. Cheers!"

One man revealed that the secret to his success was alcohol - and lots of it. "Got really drunk at a friend's birthday party," he said. "Met the love of my life. Got her really drunk as well. Long story short, still drunk today."

One user confessed: "Went to a bar with a fellow shy buddy. I noticed a redhead in the corner that I had my eye on most of the night. Told him to check her out. He says, 'I'll go talk to her for you.' I thought, 'Where'd he suddenly get the balls?!?'

"He pointed me out to her and told her I wanted to slow dance with her. She said OK. Dance, got to know her, started dating her. This was in 1990. We got married 4 years ago and have a 8 year old son together.

"She still gives me s*** for being too shy to ask her to dance. Found out several years ago that my buddy worked with her dad and knew her, which explains why he was able to talk to her..."

One singleton simply wrote: "It didn't."