Almost a third of Kiwis say pies are their go-to comfort food.

A survey carried out by research company Canstar Blue found 28 per cent of New Zealanders reach for a pie when they feel like a pick-me-up snack.

Steak and cheese is the favourite (27 per cent) followed by mince and cheese (19), potato top (10) and bacon and egg (9).

Men enjoy steak and cheese more than women, who are almost equally as fond of mince and cheese, the survey found.


Aucklanders are most likely to eat a pie for lunch most days (4 per cent), and their favourite flavour is steak and cheese.

Respondents were asked to rank pie brands based on taste, texture and consistency, value for money, variety and range, and packaging.

The most satisfying brand of pie was I Love Pies, which got a full five stars from Canstar Blue. It was followed by Couplands, Dad's Pies, Maketu Pies and Ponsonby Pies, which each picked up four stars, and Big Ben, Irvines, Pams and Westie, on three stars.

The survey involved 1360 people who had bought and eaten a savoury pie in the past three months.

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