Kids will be thrilled - parents perhaps not so much - that a new Countdown collectable range is hitting stores throughout the country.

If it's anything like the frenzy that erupted around Countdown's 2014 card collection series or New World's Little Shop range, mums and dads may want to think twice about taking their little ones along to "help with the shopping".

Countdown's new collection, Disney Movie Stars, features cards designed to be used in a projector. Each card includes four images from a classic Disney film, including Mickey Mouse, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Frozen and The Lion King.

The range features a cute mini projector to view collectable cards. Photo / Supplied
The range features a cute mini projector to view collectable cards. Photo / Supplied

Using a mini projector, available instore for $10, kids can view each image on the cards, which depict scenes such as giant teacups, seven dwarfs and lion cubs.


The card packs, which also include a Disney character sticker, will be given out with every $20 spent at Countdown.

There are 42 cards in total, and Countdown is promising to host swap-meets at stores throughout the country in May, when children can trade their wares and boost their collections.

As well as the cards, stickers and projector, parents will also have the opportunity to splash their cash on a collectors' album and collectors' tin.

Countdown's previous collectable cards, DreamWorks Heroes, were a sell out hit.

AUT senior lecturer in marketing and retailing, Helene Wilkinson, said the interactive nature of the DreamWorks campaign was a large part of its success.

"This is an emotional attachment with a strong association for all members of the family. It's an engagement with the whole display, the app, the book, and in the supermarket."

Countdown general marketing manager, Bridget Lamont, says the Disney cards will draw on stories adored by older generations, as well as the more modern hits, and will promote family activities.

"Storytelling encourages imagination, creativity and togetherness. Disney Movie Stars offers Kiwi families the chance to re-tell stories in their own words. The projector adds a unique and interactive alternative to the traditional bedtime book," she says.

"We've had an overwhelmingly positive response to our previous collectables and we anticipate Disney Movie Stars will be a hit too."

The card packs, projectors and collector's items will be available until May 15.