This week's issue is a bit of a celebration of kick-arse women, featuring firstly, Anika Moa, who delights in putting out an album for toddlers where in one song a witch cooks a kid in a stew. Spoiler alert: the kid dies. Moa talks to Greg Bruce about controlling her own image, motherhood and the joys of running her own race.

Also this week we have an interview with the icon that is Gloria Steinem, who will be one of the main events at the Auckland Writers Festival in May. At 82, she remains the most generous of women, and her inclusive brand of feminism - including her refusal to lecture young women on not being grateful enough for all the work she and other earlier feminists have done is downright delightful.

Today we also say goodbye to two of our columnists, Verity Johnson and Isaac Hindin-Miller. From next week we welcome Megan Nicol Reed who will be starting a weekly conversation with Canvas readers on just about any topic you can name.