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One of the great joys in life is a wedding - celebrating the love of two people with friends and family who love them too. Of course, no two couples are alike and therefore no two weddings should be alike. Thankfully, the days of the cookie-cutter wedding are over, and the trend is now all about creating a day that truly reflects who you are. After all, as with all good things in life, it is the unique and original that is the most memorable.

Whether you are planning a wedding or will be a lucky guest, don't miss all our fabulous stories this week, from real-life accounts to the wedding destination du jour, and be sure to enter to win a romantic trip for two to Fiji.

Plus, Jesse Mulligan heads to New Lynn restaurant Bodrum, which is serving up Mediterranean cuisine, and we explore how to create chocolate at home - try making this delicious bittersweet recipe for yourself.