Cooling temperatures mean a new smorgasbord of produce.

Autumn is a fantastic time of year for produce, and as the weather cools I'm more inclined than ever to get in the kitchen. Meals get a little heartier, and comfort food starts to sneak in.

Although these meals are all vegetarian, they could bolster a feast where there's meat involved too. Add bacon or chorizo to the pasta, or serve the salad with chicken or fish - salmon is especially good - and the pizza makes a lovely light meal with a green salad, or a great addition to a potluck lunch. I got the inspiration for the flatbread combination in Sydney. I had dinner at the new Kensington St Social and they serve sourdough flatbreads as one of their signature shared plates. Using pumpkin instead of tomato on what is essentially a pizza makes a delicious change.

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Rich mushroom and rocket fettuccine
Warm autumn salad with cauliflower and lentils
Pumpkin, mushroom and blue cheese flatbread