It's no secret that New Zealander's love their coffee, and new research has shed some light on Kiwi's caffeine habits.

The survey, conducted by Canstar, has also revealed the top picks out of the country's most well-known coffee chain stores.

The survey looked at 11 coffee shops, including Starbucks, Coffee Club, McCafe and Sierra Coffee, and asked participants to give a rating out of five across a range of categories including customer service, coffee taste and value for money.

Muffin Break took out the highest number of top marks, scoring 5 out of 5 for overall satisfaction, customer service, quality of food, loyalty programmes and consistency across stores.


Coming in last for overall satisfaction were Starbucks, Coffee Club and Gloria Jeans stores.

A total of 1,846 people from around the country were surveyed, from age groups ranging from 18 to 70 and above. Participants rated taste as the most important factor for coffee satisfaction (30 per cent), followed by value for money (21 per cent).

Out of all respondents, 28 per cent admitted they couldn't function without their morning cuppa, while 42 per cent have had to restrict their number of café coffees to save cash.

A quarter of overall respondents said coffee was all they had for breakfast, although the age group stats show this was less likely for those over 39.

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The majority of participants surveyed see coffee as a treat or reward. Image / NZ Herald
The majority of participants surveyed see coffee as a treat or reward. Image / NZ Herald

Other survey results revealed the 30-39 age bracket were the most dependent on their morning brew, with 36 per cent saying they needed their caffeine hit to start the day.

Those in the 18-29 age bracket were the most concerned about cutting back on cafe coffee to save money, with more than 50 per cent saying they have had to limit their trips to a café due to finances.

Out of the regional stats, Aucklanders were the most likely to attempt to break the coffee habit, with 17 per cent saying they have tried to give up caffeine in the past year.

Between the sexes, women were most likely to view coffee as a treat, with 71 per cent saying they saw it as a reward, compared to 59 per cent of men.

-NZ Herald