Cats hate water, right? Wrong. Well, not all cats hate water...Here are five top breeds that not only don't mind water, they actively enjoy it.

1. Turkish Van

Legend has it this car swam ashore from Noah's Ark. The most swimmingest cats in the world, they will explore any water he finds, from your toilet bowl to the swimming pool.

2. Savannah

Originally bred from the serval, a small wild cat from Africa, this large and curious cat loves playing with and in water.

3. Abyssinian

These guys hail from the areas bordering the Indian Ocean and are no strangers to water. There are tales of the 'Abby' learning to turn on taps...


4. Bengal

Another descended from an originally wild cat in Asia, the Bengal is completely domesticated these days and, given a chance, might even join you in bath or shower.

5. American short-hair

Doesn't hesitate to play with water, scooping it out of his bowl, intentionally spilling it and playing with the mess and is another who might want to watch if you are bathing or showering.