Is there a better way to use OXO stock cubes? A heated debate has erupted on Facebook after a woman posted a photo purporting there is an easier, mess-free method.

Facebook user Kasie Riley shared an image of a crushed OXO pouch to the community page Mums Advice. Riley's caption read: "Please tell me that I'm not the only one who didn't know you're supposed to crumble an OXO cube while it's still wrapped to create a little flavour packet.

"I feel like my whole life's been a lie. All those crumbly messes I could have avoided!"

Mind blown....Picture credit to Kasie Riley.

Posted by Mums advice on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The image has been shared almost 50,000 times in two days and generated more than 14,500 comments.


Victoria Gifford wrote: "So am I the only person who doesn't crumble them inside or outside the packet, I just lob them in whole!! I've been doing it sooo wrong."

Facebook user Faye Laura Ferguson commented: "I always squished them - mostly because I didn't like the crumbs on my hands- I'm going to pretend it's just because I knew that was the right way."

One user declared she had tested the theory with great results. Heather Kerr commented: "I just tried it and it works. 40 years of messy fingers trying to crumble the cube are now over."

But some said the news was not a revelation at all, claiming they had always used the technique.

Kerry Leane wrote: "I don't understand how people couldn't know this!"

Not everyone was convinced by the discovery. One woman said she was yet to find OXO cubes in foil wrappers. The ones she bought were in thin tin foil so the method wouldn't work.

Despite the massive response, Anita Savage didn't think the finding was anything to get excited about. "What's all the fuss about? Crumble it in, or crumble it out. The Oxo police aren't going to knock on your door."


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