Mornings are a mad rush for most of us. Despite crying kids, spilled coffee and attempts to get a load of washing on before we head out the door, we still want to look good.

We caught up with the global lead artist for Smashbox makeup, Lori Taylor, during a recent trip to New Zealand, to get her best makeup hacks for tired, time poor faces.

According to Taylor - who was inspired by her grandmother's love of makeup to join the beauty industry - it's not about vanity or seeming superficial. Taylor believes makeup is healing, and shouldn't be difficult.

"Makeup should be easy. It shouldn't be something that gives you anxiety. It needs to be something that enhances your skin, not masks your skin."


Here Taylor shares her quick makeup tricks to create a fresh face in no time at all.

What you'll need:

•Foundation, highlighter, bronzer, contouring palette

- Taylor uses a Smashbox #Shapematters Palette which includes three brow, contour and eyeshadow palettes.


• Hello, bright eyes

Taylor recommends a light shade that adds brightness to the eye, noting late nights kept up with kids can contribute to discoloration around the eyes.

• Defining the eye

Opt for a dark shade applied closer to the lash line. You don't need anything too heavy, just something that helps define the shape of the eye. Taylor says when your eyes are more defined, you'll look more awake, even if you might not feel it.


• Quick contouring

A contour shade that is deeper than your natural skin tone works to take time off the face and helps to chisel those cheekbones.

Keep your face relaxed - no duck pouting. From the outside of your face, come forward with the brush, stopping in line with your eye's iris.

Don't sweep the brush back and forth or down. Instead, brush forward to keep the look natural and soft. Think of creating a light shadow rather than striping.

• Highlighter

Using a highlighter will give you that glowing, "I-got-eight-hours-of-sleep-last-night" look. Pop it high on the cheek, drawing it upwards towards the edge of the face.

• Bronzer

Bronzer creates warmth. Dust on the high points of the cheeks and forehead, and on the tip of the nose.


"Your perfect lip colour is like your own theme song," says Taylor. "Something you can put on, it just kind of makes you happy."

A good everyday shade that will take you from the school run to the office and beyond should be about half a shade deeper than your natural lip colour.