Four-year-old Arama Mackie-McGillan will celebrate his birthday for the first time today.

The little boy was born on February 29 four years ago which means he normally celebrates his birthday a day early, on February 28.

Arama was born on a leap year so today is the first day he will celebrate his birthday on the correct day.

Arama's mother, Rebecca Mackie, said the family usually choose to celebrate his birthday the day before because the day came quicker than March 1.


The family were going to take Arama out to lunch yesterday and would put on a special dinner and cake for him tonight.

Although Arama does not really understand the science behind his birthday - he knew there was something different about it.

The little boy was not sure what he was getting for his birthday but was hoping to get a PlayStation this year, he said.

Ms Mackie said her son was an extra special boy and loved watching cartoons, playing outside and riding his bike.

"We love everything about him, he's very cute. Especially his smile."

The next leap day will be observed on Saturday, February 29, 2020.