A 9-year-old boy has sparked hilarity online with his illustrations showing how he would survive in the desert, including drinking his own urine.

The schoolwork was uploaded to Reddit by his school teacher in Korea with the caption: "This beauty was from my 9-year-old Korean ESL (English as a second language) student, Alex."

As part of a "creative thinking" project that asked students to come up with survival skills, Alex draws himself digging a hole, cutting down a cactus then using it as a receptacle to drink from.

The worksheet instructs: "'You have learned how plants and animals get water in the desert. If you were living in the desert, how would you get water? Make a plan and present it to your class."


Alex surmised: "If was in the desert, I would need to find water."

With detailed sketches, numbers and captions, the boy's survival plan begins by digging a hole.

At step two, he moves on to cutting down a cactus with a sword. And finally he appears to suggest using the cactus as a receptacle to urinate into, which he illustrates with a drawing of a penis and the letters "PP".

Redditors seemed to be most amused by this final step.

User TheCouchPundit joked "What an odd-looking cactus - wait." And HowIsYourFather complimented the 9-year-old's drawing ability: "I have to say his drawing skill is pretty advanced for his age."

One user, MrBaoom, decided Alex must have been watching survival programmes and posts: "Bear Grylls would be proud."

Others were impressed with his water-catching concept. Smooman21 asked: "Is he trying to make an evaporation catch with his pee? Seems pretty damn clever to me."

MadroxKran disagreed: "I hear drinking pee actually makes you more dehydrated because of the salt content."

A Redditor who claimed to live in the desert offered a much more simple idea: "As someone who lives in the desert. I'd probably pick up a case of water at the store."

Since the image was posted on Tuesday it has been viewed almost 469, 000 times.

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