1. Unconditional love

Dogs don't care what you've done, what clothes you are wearing, how long you've been gone, they still love you!!!!

2. Dogs don't care if you can cook

Just give them food and they'll eat it, for those more conscious owners there are some quality wet foods available from


3. Dogs double as your own personal trainer

You have no excuse now, they have to be walked, they want you to throw a ball, they will drag you along if they are chasing that random leaf that was just picked up by the wind!?!


4. They wag their tails not their mouths

Yep, they are your psychologist and best friend at the same time without answering back, butting in and talking over your conversations.

5. They keep you young

Dogs play in mud, they chase random things, they run/bound everywhere, they have the ability to melt your heart with one look cast in your direction.